Workshop / Keynotes

Our mission is simple; we want to facilitate results for you and your business.

When your business starts seeing results , we start seeing results.

Our 90 minute workshops aim to offer you real value.

We focus on the simple , implementable methods that create real results.

7 Key Topics

Effective Communication For Entrepreneurs

85% of your financial success is due to skills in “human engineering” . This means your personality, ability to communicate, negotiate, lead, are key to your business success . Only 15% is due to technical knowledge (Carnegie Institute of Technology).

Take back control over your business success by attending this workshop. Learn how to re-engineer yourself to become a key person of influence.

Peak Performance for Entrepreneus

Have you ever wondered how the saying; “success breeds success” actually works? And more importantly how can you experience it for yourself, then understand how to keep a competitive edge that seems to elute 90% of people who want to achieve more, but don’t seem to be satisfied with their pace or level of results.

Pitching For Impact

If your business isn’t communicated correctly and confidently, someone else will gain that investment you were hoping for.  This workshop focuses on how to overcome fear of public speaking and how to connect with audiences of all sizes, to deliver dynamic content that ultimately achieves impact.

Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs 

Whether you have an idea, you were not satisfied with last quarter’s results, or you want explosive results this year, this planning workshop is for you. Discover how to set REAL , achievable goals , understand why your past business plans haven’t worked,  so that you don’t make the same mistakes again.

The Product Is NOT The Product

Why do some of the best products still fail?  How do average ideas transform into market-leading , great companies? This workshop is about positioning yourself as industry experts. Using key business case studies of great companies that have defied mainstream business strategies, learn how your business can get a grip on the “market”. Be prepared to see some product myths debunked.

3 Stages To Start Up Success

In 3 simple steps discover how to build a strong business foundation . Regardless of whether you have an idea, just got into business (Upstart) or have just started running a small business with a team, learn how to make your business work and learn how to build it to be profitable.

How to Strategically Setup Your Small Business
– Paid Workshop –

So you’ve started a small business? Great! You are looking to grow it? Awesome!

But beware; a majority of business do not survive, because they either (1) Lack clarity and structure or (2) Lack the skills/ confidence in sales and have a poor leadership/management approach.

We have split the Workshop into Part 1 & 2 to Address each issue head on.
In these half-day workshops, Aaron Mashano (Starts Results Coaching) will show how to increase business stability and generate sustained results and profitability, through clearly defined processes and strategically setting up your business from the start!

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