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Start Results is a Startup Coaching and Facilitation Solution Provider that thrives on equiping, connecting and inspiring want-to-be-entreprenuers and Founders to build their brands from scratch, while instilling core values and disciplines that help them increase their chances of success in this new and dynamic market place.


To date, Start Results has coached 1000's of Entreprenuers, NGO's and Education Providers across 18 industries in 5 continents. Moreover, we measure our success through enabling individuals to achieve Market validation and growth in their leadership and social skills in a set timeframe.


Start Results is the expert in creating, developing and launching market-validated Brands. We support want-to-be-entreprenuers and founders to stress test      their ideas and become skilled practitioners who can operate their businesses in a financially sustainable way.

Start Results offers practical systems and tools through our Entrepreneurial Incubator Program (EIP) that guides individuals through 13 time-tested business building blocks (E-Labs) that increase probability of success by 80% based on our past graduates.

Start Results creates extra value through Knowledge and Facilitation and deploying peer-support groups in our 5 regions with promising collaborations with the allumni post graduation.

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