Facilitator Accreditation Program

“There’s more to it than Teaching”

Facilitators Accreditation Program to become a CertifiedTM Start Results Facilitators (CSF).

The CertifiedTM Start Results Facilitator (CSF) is the professional designation for a Start Results Affiliate who demonstrates having Core Facilitator Competencies.  The Core Competencies represent a fundamental set of skills, knowledge, and behaviors that support effective facilitation in a wide variety of contexts.

The CSF designation benefits both facilitators and their clients. Facilitators achieve a formal certification and undertake valuable self-reflection and learning. For clients, working with a CSF’s provides an assurance that the facilitator has met the internationally recognized standard for effective facilitation of group processes and delivery of Start Results tools.



-> 4 Weeks program (Offline / Online)
-> A Facilitator manual
-> Accreditation Certificate
-> Contract / Job Offer 
-> Affiliate commissions (Up to $90 per conversions)
-> Pathway to Start Results Coaching Accreditation Program
-> 20+ hours of extra work experience (by application only)


Benefits of the CSF: 

There are several benefits to becoming a CertifiedTM Start Results Facilitator (CSF), both during the assessment process, as well as upon successful completion.

During the assessment process, a Facilitator is able to:

* Reflect on his or her facilitation practice relative to the SR Core Competencies;
* Benchmark his or her facilitation skills against a set of carefully researched, internationally recognised, and successfully tested competencies;
* Experience the facilitation skills of other facilitators;
* Receive confidential, individual feedback from independent professional facilitators, which can serve as invaluable input to on-going professional development;

Upon successful competition of the CSF assessment, the facilitator will:

* Receive a formal certificate for display;
* Be entitled to use the CertifiedTM Start Results Facilitator designation, for as long as SR membership is maintained and recertification is undertaken every three years;
* Join a respected group of certified professional facilitators
Gain the competitive advantage of being listed in the Association’s online Directory of the CertifiedTM Start Results Facilitators.


Why choose the Facilitator Accreditation Program (FAP)? 

Becoming a CertifiedTM Start Results Facilitator requires a commitment of time, effort, and money. A facilitator should undertake the process with the confidence that he or she is getting a recognized designation, one that is credible, valid, reliable, and well worth the investment.

Below are some of the reasons why the CSF designation is a highly valued credential and the best option for facilitators seeking professional accreditation in the global marketplace.


* The Core Facilitator Competencies, upon which the FAP is based, have been developed, researched, and refined through the collective wisdom Start Results Staff, clients and coaches, some of whom are pioneers of Posture Facilitation.
* The FAP program was developed from the Core Facilitator Competencies and by a multinational team. By contrast, many facilitator assessments run the risk of creating competencies that reflect the unconscious biases of assessors.
* The program has undergone periodic review and renewal to ensure it remains a performance-based certification.
* The FAP Assessment includes a face to face event allowing Assessors to experience first hand the Facilitator’s skills, and the responses and reactions of participants, in a way that is simply not possible using video.


* The FAP runs 4 Assessment events per year.
* The FAP uses the perspectives of four Assessors and a consensus-based process to make the certification decision.
* The FAP assessment uses Process Managers to supervise the assessment team and ensure a consistent application of the assessment process, regardless of location or language.



* The FAP has been recognised as a valuable credential by several national and regional governments, and international agencies, some of whom have used it as a prerequisite for responding to requests for services.

* CSF’s are listed in a public directory on the FAP website, along with clear guidance for clients about the benefits of working with a CSF.


* The CertifiedTM Start Results Facilitators is offered by a global coaching and development company that has trained and up-skilled over 500 companies in 5 continents into peak performance.  

* The CSF designation is linked to the IAF Statement of Values and Code of Ethics, a globally developed set of professional standards.


* The FAP Facilitator competencies are available in English only. We are undergoing the first iteration of translation into Bahasa  Indonesia,Swahili, and Bemba. Additional languages will be included based on demand.


* The FAP is not connected to any particular training, philosophy, or approach to facilitation. The FAP has certified individuals with PhDst to entirely self-taught individuals. Assessors look for competence. The individual journey is of interest but, in the end, it boils down to ensuring the audience (your client) gets maximum value so we focus on the knowledge and skills that support this objective.

Return of Investment:

* Facilitators around the world have been able to use the CSF designation to attract new clients and additional work, helping them recover the cost of certification. 

* FAP candidates get invaluable and personalized feedback from their peers. Many facilitators work alone and have few opportunities for such feedback.

* Many CSF’s have built ongoing relationships and networks with other CSF members they meet in the Online Exclusive Global Community that have contributed to both their professional development and commerce.

Next Batch:

May 2020

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