This programme empowers Individuals & SMEs to reach the next level by helping them develop key habits that drive growth. Participants will discover 9 areas where they can improve their business practices in the areas of Planning, Customers & Marketing, Finance, Operations, and People.

This flexible programme combines in-person training with group learning, and practical online tools accessible on-the-go via mobile, delivering the direct results that busy entrepreneurs and business owners need. It includes access to an online platform for tracking business progress and connect them with a global market.

This programme is offered directly to SMEs and through partnerships with development and financial institutions. It can be customised for various markets, backgrounds and personality traits.

What you get during the EIP:

* 12-Week mix-mode program for 2-4 people (online: face-to-face & online course)
* 1 E-board: Business Building Roadmap
* A designated accredited facilitator for coaching and guidance
* 13 in-learning labs
* 13 online courses
* Practical business tools and assessment
* Peer networking
* Access to online education platform for business tools that support implementation 
* Lifetime access to global EIP Alumni

Program Price:
$ 1,199

Key Outcomes

* Pick a winning idea
* Choose the right business model
* Identify your customers segments
* Price your product or service correctly
* Monetize your idea in cost effective way
* Increase your sales revenue 
* Strategy for scale 
* Gain an entrepreneur mindset 
* Develop GRIT

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