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Master the 6 Steps to Building a Startup Right


Identification process is not only about identify your passion, the other crucial thing is to identify the level of skills you currently have, in the area/industry you are interested in. Then evaluate the gap that exists for you to deliver your product or service.


Learn how to spot viable business opportunities by learning how to copy other business models in the current market place, then make it better.


Learn how to create samples and test the validity of your product or service. This also builds your stamina and resilience of how to fail fast and fail forwards.


Setting deadlines that inspire you and not demoralize you. Here you learn the hidden secret of why most founders never launch their startups at all!


Identifying and executing on the things that really count towards your startup success.


Have you ever wondered why the best products never get discovered by the rest of the world? The main cause of why businesses stay small is due to the founders inability to duplicate themselves. Read this book to not fall into this fatal trap.

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Seeds of the Wawa Tree

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The Economic Migrant

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