Coaching Programs

Minimum Viable Product Program

Turn your ideas into a business reality by using our
‘7 Steps to monetization’ Startup Coaching Program.

$ 2,999 / 3 months

  • 3 Online & Face-to-Face Session over 3 months. Coaching on how to be an effective Entrepreneur, focusing on accountabilities, Identifying the best business model for your idea, isolating customer segments, targeting the right ideal clients, establishing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and understanding the art of sales.
  • 3 Online & Face-to-Face Checkins Session over 3 months. Assessing progress, Identifying market opportunities, Identifying key resources, and target setting for Viability.
  • Access to a Personal Cloud to manage and update your business tasks with your coach.
  • Access to a Personal Cloud to manage and update your business tasks with your coach.
  • Life time access to the Global Startup Tribe - connect, collaborate and learn from other Start Results member at your level.
  • Exclusive access to Start Results Coaches and partnership events that enhance Training and Opportunities to broaden your network.


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Executive Coaching Program

Clarify and Gain traction to hit your business targets, build a cohesive team, and implement effective processes and systems that enable you to scale sustainably.

$ 17,999 / 6 months

  • 6 Online & Face-to-Face Session over 6 months with a Start Results Certified Executive Coach (Valued at USD 30,000).
  • Customize a schedule with your coach with Unlimited Support (WhatsApp/Email) to stay in touch with you coach between sessions. (Priceless).
  • 1 Onsite Leadership Workshop (2 hours) around Lack of Control and People Issues (Valued at USD 2,000).
  • Access to a Mastermind Brunch per month - Includes a free meal voucher (Valued at USD 12,000).
  • Access to Online Business Library PLUS 200+ Business Tools (Valued at USD 9,999).
  • Exclusive access to your Own Cloud account for internal Leadership Team to collaborate, get Ideas and access your Start Results Executive Coach (Valued at USD 1,000).
  • Complementary ticket to Executive Coaching 'Basic Workshop' (Valued at USD 499).
  • Exclusive access to a Global Business Network across multiple industries in 4 continents (Priceless).


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