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Start Results is a business coaching company that coaches CEOs to take full ownership of the business. It was founded by Aaron Mashano, who is now the CEO and Head Coach of Start Results.

Our vision of empowering others stems from our core believe that ceos and entrepreneurs can solve community and world problems through conscious and sustainable business practices.

Start Results is data driven. Start Results is results driven. We let our results do the talking. Our SRM coaching model has help over 400 Founders across 4 continents to launch, sustain and grow their business, and more importantly we have been helping them becoming the CEO that is needed by their business. 

If you are a small business (SME) experiencing lackluster results, people issues with your team or lack of control in your business growth, our coaches can help you today.

What is SRM ?

Start Results Coaching Model, is a complete set of concepts and actionable tools that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve the results what they want from their businesses.

Implementing SRM will help you and your leadership team get better at three things:

Clarity – Getting you and your organization 100% on the same page with the confidence to know where you’re going, and how you plan to get there.

Results – Instilling focus, discipline, and accountability first with yourself, then later, throughout the company so that everyone executes that mission everyday.

Self-Sufficiency – Helping your leaders become a more cohesive , functional and working towards a unified goal.

Start Results Founder

Aaron Mashano is one of the world’s leading Small Business Coaches. Through his unique Coaching Model (SRM), he has coached over 400 CEOs of small businesses and startups across 4 continents to build their businesses from scratch and take full ownerships of their businesses.  

Aaron has also consulted for organizations like FAIRFAX MEDIA, The Red Cross, and coaching numerous Startups at Google Startup Incubator Events. He has been invited to keynote at international corporate events, sharing stages with CEOs of Top 500 Companies and Government Leaders.

Aaron now dedicates his time to making an impact through his social enterprises, books, workshops, keynotes, coaching programs, consulting and angel investments.

The Start Results Experience

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