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We are here to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-wannabe in going through the early stages of their journey and enable them to launch their own brand with viable product/services.

We work with those who seek to solve local problems through their product/service: who value going the extra mile, continuously innovating, and showing up consistently throughout the journey.

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We have observed that the leaders who develop and lead healthy personal lives, in-turn help to build healthy families, teams, organizations and communities.

The business development process becomes a WAY Of Life. A philosophy to uphold regardless of external influences or pressures. We have identified that all entrepreneurs go through THE 4 BUSINESS LEADERSHIP STAGES™ that are connected but quite distinct from each other. These stages (jumps) can not be skipped and they must be honored and respected, should we wish to achieve success in a more sustainable way.


A true entrepreneur (through experience) recognizes these ‘Jumps’ and needs very unique support at each stage that goes beyond hitting sales targets. To become ‘The Entrepreneur’ You must build an asset that acts as a platform with its own autonomous and thriving culture. It becomes an essential investment that is far-reaching in its impact on; employee engagement, customer satisfaction, profitability and community.

These 4 Stages can be broken down into a clear road-map-tool for all business owners to follow. The LOT 360 team will help you assess and map a workable plan to ensure you achieve your goals. This effective tool is called the LOT E BOARD™ Road Map.

 The LOT E BOARD™ is a complete set of concepts (e-labs) and business tools that has helped 1000’s entrepreneurs to achieve the results they want from their businesses.

Start Results Founder

Aaron Mashano is one of the world’s leading Small Business Coaches. Through his unique Coaching Model (SRM), he has coached over 400 CEOs of small businesses and startups across 4 continents to build their businesses from scratch and take full ownerships of their businesses.  

Aaron has also consulted for organizations like FAIRFAX MEDIA, The Red Cross, and coaching numerous Startups at Google Startup Incubator Events. He has been invited to keynote at international corporate events, sharing stages with CEOs of Top 500 Companies and Government Leaders.

Aaron now dedicates his time to making an impact through his social enterprises, books, workshops, keynotes, coaching programs, consulting and angel investments.

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